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Full body alignment Nerve Release Session: $80 $40 if it is your first session with me now through March 31st, 2023.

  • In the full body alignment session, I go from head to toe and release nerves to realign your entire body. This usually takes about an hour, and you stay fully clothed. This is my specialty.
  • Please wear thin pants (yoga pants, slacks, or something similar) and a loose full shirt. This makes it easier to work on you and saves my fingers. Thank you!

One Spot Special 15 minutes: $20

  • In the one-spot special session, you get to pick one area that you want me to work on, and I spend about 15 minutes getting it aligned. An area would be the neck and shoulders or ribs or hips etc.

Traditional Swedish Massage 1 hr: $70

  • Exactly what it sounds like. A traditional hour-long relaxation massage.

Deep Tissue Massage 90 minutes: $130

  • A more therapeutic massage that focuses on breaking up fascia and freeing your soft tissue.