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What people are saying!

What people are saying

“Nerve release with Kyle has been even more effective for my body’s alignment and pain relief than chiropractic treatment. I’ll be returning regularly!
It’s a bit more painful and intense than I expected. But it feels so effective that I don’t mind.”

– Anna G. Registered Midwife

“Kyle has put my hip back in alignment on several occasions, along with my back, ribs,  jaw, neck and a few other things.
He was very professional while doing so, and will only do what you are comfortable with.

Would recommend!
Nerve Release Therapy has definitely been beneficial for me!
It has allowed me to stay in alignment longer as well as feel better afterwards (usually the next day).
It is a little more intense then a chiropractor would be but in a different way. Over all, I would say the result is definitely better.
If you have something out of alignment or nerve issues, I would definitely recommend The Nerve Solution!” 

— Johanna G.

“I Have had Kyle get multiple joints and bones back in alignment.

I like nerve release therapy because it adjusts nerves and pressure points so that the muscles pull the bones back into alignment, rather than chiropractic which does things by force. Nerve therapy can be painful but the results make it worth it.”

— Timothy G.

“I highly recommend The Nerve Solution. Kyle is professional and knowledgeable. The nerve and tension release is amazing. Check him out, and see how he can help your body experience relief.”

— Rayna S. LMT

“I have better movement. I stay in alignment a lot longer than I do when I go to the chiropractor.

It can be slightly uncomfortable when being put back in place , but the results are good. I like how things can be put back in place without being forced. Kyle’s Nerve Release Therapy is definitely something I would recommend.”

– Grace G.